Ceiling Cleaning

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Need to reclaim your ceiling from the dirt and grim that has overtaken it? We can help! Whether you business has an open ceiling or an enclosed acoustic ceiling it most likely can be effectively cleaned rather than costly painting or replacement.

Why Choose Us


We use the appropriate ladders, poles, vacuums, air scubbers, brushes, lifts, and sheeting for each high cleaning project. 


We have been performing high dusting and ceiling cleaning for nearly a decade and in that time have we have tackled projects ranging from homes to pet kennels. Our method is tried and true.


Or crew takes every precaution to ensure the safety of property, home owners, and personnel. They also wear gloves, goggles and mask when appropriate.

Dirty Situation

No matter what you do to prevent it dust settles on everything thats not moving. And some things that are. Even with filters and air movers. We are able to safely remove pollutants such as dust, HVAC residue, bugs, and carbon buildup. If these are not kept in check you can expect the problem to eventually affect your business image and more importantly become a health hazard. Regular ceiling maintenance is safer and more cost effective in the long run.

Everyone we interacted with was very friendly and professional. We will definitely use this team again in the future!

Robbie S
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What kind of ceiling cleaning do you perform?

We perform both high dusting and chemical cleaning on all types of ceilings. Tile ceilings. open ceilings in warehouses, shops, homes, and in restaurants. We perform high dusting on truss systems, ductwork, cross beams, sound systems, lighting, fans, piping, door frames etc. This includes residential, commercial and industrial customers.
We do not restore ceiling tiles or clean mirrored tiles. We we also do not clean kitchen hoods or exhaust systems.

Ceiling Cleaning FAQs

Have a question about our ceiling cleaning service? Below are some frequently asked questions.
Do you leave behind a mess on the floor?

Though we do perform high dusting, which will cause some debris on the floor, we employ vacuum systems to remove the dust from where it originated and whatever falls to the floor minimal and quickly removed by workers on the ground. Of course we can move or cover objects that are underneath our work area.
Is it safe for people to be present in the area while you are cleaning?
Although we do not use harsh chemicals in our ceiling cleaning services we require all present to leave the work area while our services are performed. In most cases our work is done after hours when this would not cause a problem.
Can you change my filters or clean out vents?
Depending on access we can certainly replace old ventilation filters and clear out vents as needed. However we often are not working within arms reach of what we are cleaning with poles from the ground or from ladders but we can likely change our approach to accomadate. Please request this service before hand.
Can you paint our ceiling?
We do not paint ceilings or ceiling tiles. Most often this is not the answer to problems with tiles anyhow as the paint may crack or bend with temperature changes and causes tiles to stick to the framing. Painting may also cause the ceiling to be less cleanable in the future.
Will the chemicals damage our floors or carpet?
No. We do not use harsh chemicals or bleach to clean ceilings.
Can't find an answer? Call us at (407) 641-0811 or send an email on our contact page.