Scratched and Etched Glass Repair

Service Details

Scratched glass is everywhere. Scratches appear from normal customer traffic, landscaping, accidental collision or even from outright glass etched graffiti. We can help. Typically the cost of repair is less than a third the cost of replacement.

Why Choose Us


We use industry specific tools to remove scratches and etching from glass. This means a high speed buffer with the appropriate pads and solutions.


We can remove scratches and stains caused by accidents, vandalism and negligence. Our method has been refined by thousand so glass repairs.


We only repair glass that we believe to be worth saving. This means we will not repair ultra thin, cracked or glass with sealant issues.

Cost Effective

Scratches or etch graffiti are often a shock and can happen over-night. The cost of replacing glass, especially tempered glass is significant and often prohibitive. The good new is that repairing glass that has this sort of damage is usually possible and can be done relatively quick. Depending on access and the coverage of the damage the cost of repair is typically less than a third the cost of replacing your glass. Give us a call and snap a couple pictures to get a good cost and time estimate to repair your windows.

Sunfire is pretty fantastic. They have done many Orlando and Tampa located jobs for my business. I call Andy when I need window cleaning done on my clients homes. His has been my go-to company for 4 years now. I never have gotten a complaint, he is very professional with my clients. That's the kind of stuff that keeps me coming back to him.

Aaron Q
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Prepare for a Visit

When preparing for our visit please move any breakable objects away from the windows, including anything on the window sills, vases or even furniture that you would feel most comfortable moving yourself. We can work around blinds and curtains, and we can move the furniture when necessary.
For the exterior we only ask that your bushes are trimmed where we would need to access windows. Branches can also make it too difficult to climb a ladder in order to reach a window.

Scratch Repair FAQs

Have a question about our scratch repair service? Below are some frequently asked questions.
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