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Cleaning windows for homeowners and businesses is our first love. Although we provide many services, window cleaning is still our most requested service. We are experts in every method of glass cleaning and off our services to both residential commercial clients.

Why clean my windows?
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We use the latest window cleaning equipment.
That means we use pure water and
carbon fiber poles that can reach up to 5 floors.

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We have been cleaning windows of all sizes, shapes and access for over a decade. We have employed techs that have been doing it for nearly 20 years. 

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We take client and employee safety very seriously. We know the dangers inherent to our industry and we are trained to avoid them. 

A Clear Difference

Our basic window cleaning service includes:
Inside and/or outside cleaning of the glass, and a wipe down of the sills and frames. Post construction cleaning services offered as well.

We provide window cleaning options that are ideal for nearly any building or landscape layout. Give us a call and we'll bring our best squeegees and smiles. We'll arrive with multiple workers to make the most of your time. We are always uniformed, on time, and properly equipped. Our techs are prepared to clean windows up to 3 stories using ladders and up to 5 stories using unique water-fed poles. Our purified pole systems clean and rinse the windows using filted water, all while we stay safely on the ground. Water fed poles may be used for the majority of our clients window conditions.

"I would  absolutely use this company again.  The servicemen were very professional, courteous and on time!"

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Prepare for a Visit

When preparing for our visit please move any breakable objects away from the windows, including anything on the window sills, vases or even furniture that you would feel most comfortable moving yourself. We can work around blinds and curtains, and we can move the furniture when necessary.
For the exterior we only ask that your bushes are trimmed where we would need to access windows. Branches can also make it too difficult to climb a ladder in order to reach a window.

Window Cleaning FAQs

Have a question about our window cleaning service? Below are some frequently asked questions.
How long willl the service take?
The duration a window cleaning visit takes depends on the amount and condition of your windows. The service duration can be anywhere from 3-7 hours. If your home is larger we may assign additional workers to make sure our visit takes no more than one day.

The duration depends on the size, quantity and condition of the glass, therefore durations vary greatly.
Is the estimate i was given going to change?
If your window cleaning estimate was given by an on-site estimator the price will not change unless additional services are requested. Commercial estimates are given exclusively in person.
If your estimate was received over the phone the price may change if the information you supplied the estimator was not perfectly accurate. Typically though prices over the phone are quoted a bit high to account for inaccurate window counts etc. Typically therefore if the price does change it is usually reduced.
Who is coming out to perform the service?
Great question! When someone is coming out to work in your home you can expect only regular employees to visit you rather than subcontractors or day workers. The techs that you will see include Andy, Josh, Alex, Daron, Raymond, Matt or Janae. Our employee list does not change often so you are likely to see the same faces on every visit.
Do i have to be there?
You do not have to be present for us to clean the exterior glass. However some window screens are only removable from the interior. If this is the case with your windows you will have to either remove these yourself or be present long enough for us to do this. If your service includes interior window cleaning we would need to have access inside by whatever means you like. Many times homeowners that are listing their house for sale or property managers that are having regular cleaning done leave us and come back when we are done. Whatever you are comfortable with.
Should i leave a tip?
Our workers do not expect tips but they do appreciate them. All of our workers are great and they are paid accordingly. If you are wondering if tipping is the norm the answer is, as always, up to you.
Can't find an answer? Call us at (407) 641-0811 or send an email on our contact page.