About Sunfire

The Dawn of Sunfire

Our company got its start during the economic crisis in 2008. After nearly a decade in the hospitality industry our founder, Andy Jones, decided to start a window cleaning company just as his brother had a couple years prior in Southern California. He began with the name Florida Sun Window Cleaning providing just one service; window cleaning. A decade later our service list has grown to include 10 different services performed in 10 different Central Florida Counties. Over the years we have hired seasoned veterans in differing fields and learned from the pioneers in the industry and trade shows and industry seminars. Paver sealing was the last service we introduced in 2015. Also in that year Andy decided to change the company name to Sunfire Specialty Cleaning to better reflect our service list and expertise.
After 10 years at the helm serving thousands of clients In Andy sold the company to Carlos Modanez in 2018. Carlos' previous franchise development and business expertise contributes much toward the goal of making Sunfire the first name in specialized cleaning services.  

Why Choose Us?

Service First

Being a small company, we pride ourselves on offering our clients a higher level of customer service. If you call us a year after our first visit it is very likely you'll see the same techs as your first visit. Our turnaround is low because our employees actually enjoy their jobs. Great workers are the foundation of our business. We will not hire employees who are not friendly and proactive. That simply wouldn't work for you, us, or them. Our employees are experts in a variety of fields and are valued on many different client sites. Our projects range from small one-family homes to large commercial complexes and government properties.

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Mission Statement

Sunfire Specialty Cleaning commits to providing unique specialty services delivered with customer service excellence. We aim to stand out as the first choice for complete exterior property maintenance. To the end of obtaining and maintaining a remarkable reputation in our service area, we are committed to offering our services to a wider urban as well as rural community. We will pursue our goals while providing proper and regular training, extensive and thorough team building, service metrics, job-site safety, product knowledge, and performance evaluation in the classroom and at the job-site.

"Sunfire is pretty fantastic. They have done many Orlando and Tampa located jobs for my business. I call when I need window cleaning done on my clients homes. They have been my go-to company for 4 years now. I never have gotten a complaint, very professional with my clients. That's the kind of stuff that keeps me coming back."

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