Pressure Washing

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Dark and dirty pavement situation? Shadow creeping up on your home or business exterior? Unfortunately the rain won't wash it away. Sunfire has the right techs using the right equipment to brighten your driveway, pool deck, sidewalks and hopefully your day. Give us a call today for more information.

Why Choose Us


Pressure washing efficiency is all about equipment. We provide the right water flow and apply the right pressure. We use both cold and hot water machines and can even bring water to your project. We have the right tools and expertise for your home or business.


Property cleaning is not solely about pressure. Sometimes a soft-wash is better. You need someone who knows what solutions are safe and effective, and also when to use pressure or soap with light agitation. We have over a decade of experience cleaning hard and soft surfaces. 


Although pressure washing is generally safe there are some dangers when using pressure or chemicals. Therefore our workers are trained to be alert to potential hazards, and our range of cleaning solutions are generally mild and always job specific.

Well Equipped

Pressure washing equipment is ever changing. It is also expensive and very high maintenance. The equipment we use cannot be found at Home Depot or Lowes. Although home-owner grade pressure washers clean the same way (pushing water) they cannot compare to commercial washers in terms of speed, effeciency and durability. Large building and parking lots require a lot of water. Your typical hardware store pressure washer pushes 2-3 gallons of water per minute. We are capable of pushing up to 30 with several pressure washers going at a time. We have multiple trailers with mulitple units and tanks at our disposal. We use special guns, surface disks and even hot water to clean. And lets not forget the use of stain-specific solutions. The right chemicals can make all the difference. We are equipped with the right tools and the knowledge to use them properly.

"If you're a picky person and expect attention to detail from the work you hire people to do then Sunfire Specialty Cleaning is the right company to hire. It's obvious they care about the work they do, double, and even triple checking the work after they've completed it to ensure your happy... without you having to ask. They have done chandelier cleaning, window cleaning, and pressure cleaning for us, and always do a great job. I highly recommend them."

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Will high pressure cleaning cause damage?

Just as a knife can cause damage in the wrong hands a pressure washer can be misused to ones detriment. However, in the hands of a seasoned chef, a knife can be used to create amazing dishes. In like fashion, you need a team that knows how much pressure should be used, if any at all. We take the greatest care with your property and will not use pressure when a brush and chemical is better. Sometimes pressure is not what is needed to clean a surface. For example when cleaning the exterior of a building, high pressure is most often not as effective as a soap solution that is agitated with a poled brush. A pressure washer may be used to rinse such surfaces but using a high pressure nozzle at close range on painted surfaces can cause damage and can usually be avoided. Generally high pressure is only needed on horizontal and concrete surfaces.

Pressure Washing FAQs

Have a question about our pressure washing service? Below are some frequently asked questions.
What kind of chemicals do you use?
We use anything from mild detergent to chlorine to acids. These chemicals are used only when needed. For the most part our cleaning is usually done using products that are safe to the touch and safe for plants.
Can you clean off grease and oil stains?
Yes and No. Depends on the surface being cleaned. For the most part we can clean the top grease and oil off any surface using hot water and grease treatments. However concrete is porous and when left over a period of time without maintenance oils can penetrate deep under the surface. Most of the time we can remove even tough stains but you likely will still see residue as all driveways and parking lots have. However the important thing is that the surface oils that you can feel or slip on will be gone.
How long will it stay clean?
This depends on the surface being cleaned as well as the location and foot traffic. Depending on the property we recommend getting your driveway cleaned yearly and your house washed every 6months-2 years.
Do you bring water or use mine?
We will first use water available at the property we are cleaning however we can bring water in our tanks if none is available or this is requested.
Do you work overnight?
We prefer to work during the day however we can be available 24/7. We will at times work overnight for businesses that have heavy traffic during the day.
Can't find an answer? Call us at (407) 641-0811 or send an email on our contact page.