Why Clean My Windows

Regular Window Cleaning Benefits

Why should you clean your windows often?


Window cleaning has numerous benefits, both practical and aesthetic. Regular window cleaning can help to maintain the appearance of a building by removing dirt, dust, and grime buildup, which can make the windows appear dull and unattractive. Clean windows can also improve the overall lighting and brightness of a space, allowing for more natural light to enter and reducing the need for artificial lighting. Additionally, removing dirt and debris from windows can help to prolong their lifespan, preventing damage and deterioration over time.

Air Quality

Regular window cleaning can improve indoor air quality by removing allergens and pollutants that may have accumulated on the glass. Overall, investing in window cleaning can help to maintain the appearance and value of a property while also promoting a healthy and comfortable living or working environment.

Window Cleaning Tips

The secret to getting clean, streak-free windows is having the proper tools. Invest in a good squeegee, a squeegee wet cover (or a cleaning cloth attached to the squeegee with rubber bands) and dry cleaning cloths. Pour your preferred cleaning solution into a bucket. Make sure the bucket is wide enough for the squeegee to fit into. Dunk the squeegee with the wet cover or attached cleaning cloth into the bucket. Smear the cleaning solution over the entire surface of the window.

They were fantastic - did everything and more than I expected. Very friendly and efficient too!  I asked them to remind me every 6 months for their services of window washing.

Darlene S.
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