Lake Mary

Keeping the City Beautiful

There are a number of window cleaning companies out there that help improve the city's skyline everyday. There are companies that have been around since the 70's and 80's and do strictly windows. We have worked with a number of them. Our vision is a little different though, as we strive to be provides a full exterior cleaning service so that homeowners and property managers only have one company to deal with. We offer a total exterior cleaning program.

What Makes us Special?

Great Question! We do the jobs that other companies either don't have the time, skills, experience or drive to do. These are services such as chandelier cleaning, glass restoration, scratch repair, graffiti removal, rust removal as well as hard to access work such as ceiling cleaning, fan cleaning and high dusting. When it comes to basic exterior services will fill most any exterior cleaning need as well. We do window cleaning and pressure washing everyday and have done projects that scale from large high rises to small studio apartments. Please let us know if you have any questions about any of our services or would like to schedule an estimate.

The City Of Lake Mary

Lake Mary is a suburban city in Seminole County, Florida. With a population of over 14,000, it is still one of the fastest growing city's in Central Florida. Also known as The City of Lakes, Lake Mary is located about 18 miles north of Orlando and has come to be the chosen location and headquarters for many large businesses such as The American Automobile Association, and is one of the largest business employers in the area. Also located in Lake Mary is the new Verizon Financial Center, Mitsubishi Motors and Dixon Ticonderoga. Lake Mary has been rated as the #1 place to live in Central Florida and #4 in America by Money Magazine! Away from the hustle and bustle of Orlando, Lake Mary offers something for everyone with many shopping centers and restaurants. Downtown Lake Mary offers a variety of traditional downtown shopping, including wine shops, jewelry stores, fine dining, offices, sandwich shops and boutique spas. And be sure to visit the Downtown Farmers Market every Saturday or WineART Wednesdays held on the first week of the month to experience a unique community event! The Parks and Recreation Dept continues to provide some very beautiful and well maintained parks, including the Lake Mary Sports Complex which is a very popular spot for children of all ages, with an 8,000 sq ft skate and BMX park, children's playground, two full size outdoor basketball courts, three divided baseball fields, a lighted softball field and a lighted soccer field. And for the warm summer months, enjoy the splash park! If you like to enjoy the great outdoors on a bike, take a ride down Rinehardt Trail which is a part of the Seminole County Trail System. There is a wonderful presence of wildlife in Lake Mary, and it is not uncommon to spot a deer grazing, a bald eagle soaring overhead or you may even spot a black bear. We've seen them while cleaning windows here. Because of the pro-active, community based Police Department, Lake Mary continues to be a very peaceful and safe place with one of the lowest crime rates in Florida. And Lake Mary has become known as having some of the top ranking state and national high schools in Central Florida! It's a wonderful place for families Lake Mary boasts some wonderful residential communities, which includes three maned gated communities, such as Heathrow, Magnolia Plantation and Timacuan. These communities offer a sense of prestige, security and luxury where you can have a strong sense of community with your neighbors. With Oak lined streets and spanish moss hanging over heard, you can experience Florida the way it should be experienced. If you are fortunate enough to live in this beautiful city, Sunfire Specialty Cleaning is a great choice to help maintain your Lake Mary home in top condition. We offer a wide range of specialty home cleaning services, such as window cleaning, roof cleaning, paver sealing, pressure washing, chandelier cleaning, gutter cleaning and awning cleaning, that make us your one-stop-shop for all your specialty home cleaning needs. Don't ignore those dirty windows or dusty chandeliers, just call us and we'll do the rest!

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