Lake Buena Vista

Keeping the City Beautiful

There are a number of window cleaning companies out there that help improve the city's skyline everyday. There are companies that have been around since the 70's and 80's and do strictly windows. We have worked with a number of them. Our vision is a little different though, as we strive to be provides a full exterior cleaning service so that homeowners and property managers only have one company to deal with. We offer a total exterior cleaning program.

What Makes us Special?

Great Question! We do the jobs that other companies either don't have the time, skills, experience or drive to do. These are services such as chandelier cleaning, glass restoration, scratch repair, graffiti removal, rust removal as well as hard to access work such as ceiling cleaning, fan cleaning and high dusting. When it comes to basic exterior services will fill most any exterior cleaning need as well. We do window cleaning and pressure washing everyday and have done projects that scale from large high rises to small studio apartments. Please let us know if you have any questions about any of our services or would like to schedule an estimate.

What Makes Lake Buena Vista Special?

Home to some of the world's top tourist destinations, Lake Buena Vista was once a sleepy area with an economy based on citrus and cattle. Thanks to Walt Disney and a little mouse, this area has become host to a boom of development since the 1970's and still continues today. Lake Buena Vista, along with its surrounding areas such as Celebration, Kissimmee, Golden Oak, Four Corners and Davenport, has diversified residential neighborhoods meeting the needs of the community. The Celebration Town Center has a variety of shops and restaurants appealing to families and children and a beautiful lake where you'll find ducks, otters and even alligators. The town also hosts many events and festivals every year keeping it's residents entertained and giving the town a real sense of community. Kissimmee is conveniently located near all the amazing sights and attractions and has access to many major highways.

The community of Golden Oak, located at the heart of Lake Buena Vista, offers residents the magical Disney experience right in their neighborhood. With timeless bronze statues inspired by Disney characters located throughout the neighborhood and The Tranquilo Golf Club is an excellent place to work on your swing while hardly having to step off your front porch. Golden Oak custom homes are a sight to behold, with their Tuscan-inspired architectural elements, lush gardens and amazing views. These homes truly become a retreat where homeowners can relax and enjoy Florida at its best. As you drive through town, don't be surprised if you see our guys in their blue Sunfire shirts, as they serve yet another happy customer. We have provided such services as paver sealing and window cleaning for our clients homes in Golden Oaks, among the many other services we offer, such as roof cleaning, pressure washing and chandelier cleaning. Give us a call and one of our friendly staff members will be happy to help you with any questions you may have and go over the options we offer to our clients to help make your house a home.

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