Keeping the City Beautiful

There are a number of window cleaning companies out there that help improve the city's skyline everyday. There are companies that have been around since the 70's and 80's and do strictly windows. We have worked with a number of them. Our vision is a little different though, as we strive to be provides a full exterior cleaning service so that homeowners and property managers only have one company to deal with. We offer a total exterior cleaning program.

What Makes us Special?

Great Question! We do the jobs that other companies either don't have the time, skills, experience or drive to do. These are services such as chandelier cleaning, glass restoration, scratch repair, graffiti removal, rust removal as well as hard to access work such as ceiling cleaning, fan cleaning and high dusting. When it comes to basic exterior services will fill most any exterior cleaning need as well. We do window cleaning and pressure washing everyday and have done projects that scale from large high rises to small studio apartments. Please let us know if you have any questions about any of our services or would like to schedule an estimate.

Clermont's Exterior Cleaning Company

Clermont just doesn't stop growing! This means more homes and businesses (and more traffic too). Even with all its growth its obvious that Clermont has not lost its appeal. Around every corner you'll find rolling hills and lakes and bike trails galore. Plenty of trees, flowers and fish in the water for anyone. Its great to be outside in Clermont but in the heat of Florida summers sometimes the landscape is best seen from behind the glass. And its always better looking at it through clean windows. We'd be happy to help you with not only your window cleaning needs but also your pressure washing, gutter cleaning and more. No need to call multiple companies for different services. We offer a variety of services to keep Clermont looking great and to help your home or business compliment its surroundings. If you need a service please choose us. We are a local company insured and experienced that really wants to do a great job every time. There is only 5 of us and we are all friendly and easy going. We always give free estimates and smiles. Ask us about our multi-service discount! Thanks for visiting our website!

Clermont's Service List

Can't find an answer? Call us at (352) 507-0060 or send an email on our contact page.