Residential Window Count

Counting your windows properly is essential in receiving an accurate quote online or over the phone with us. It is important in order to avoid the quote being adjusted once we arrive at your home. Here are a couple simple points to keep in mind. Remember though, you can always request an on-site quote and we will come out to give you a quote in person. However if you follow these rules our over the phone quote is accurate 95% of the time.

So first let us consider what makes 1 individual window.

  • Typically each window has one screen. So if you're counting a window and it has multiple screens then it is multiple windows

  • Each window that opens usually has 2 panes of glass, one on the bottom and one on the top. Or it may be one pane on the left and right. If they only having one screen this is still counted as one window.

  • If the window does not open (picture windows or port hole windows etc.) each pane is counted as an individual window.

  • Doors are counted as one window for each door.

  • Sliding glass doors are counted per pane. So each one is typically 2 panes and therefore 2 windows.

  • So you may be asking “should I count the small ones and large ones the same? How are they both one window?” Ultimately these variances cancel each other out but they will be noted when we confirm the estimate in person and taken into consideration.

  • What about transoms (small arch windows above regular windows)? Don't worry we typically will combine a couple of these to equal one window.

  • Please also have in mind your home's square footage as this will help us to ensure your window count is accurate.

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