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Tip # 1

How to view window cleaning prices

1) If a service company provides a quote that appears to be off the top of their head you may think twice. A quote that is not based upon a pricing table from the beginning may prove to be an inaccurate quote. It they have no real set pricing, no template for bidding this can prove detrimental to the homeowner or business owner because top-of-head bidding also allows room for price-dicrimination. Many companies will price based upon what they believe the customer will pay not what should be charged. When recieving an estimate always be sure to ask the method that the prospective window cleaner or pressure washer employs in order to estimate his prices. Do they charge per window? Do they charge per square foot or by the hour? If you are given the run-around or if he doesn't have ligitimate reasons for his fees, then it is likely they are inexperienced or they are hiding something.

2) Beware if the price is extremely low! If a service is dirt cheap they will likely leave that dirt on your windows etc. Many times companies will go low to get the job and then realize how much is involved in providing the service and feel cheated to the point where they will not care about their quality, be hard to deal with or simply try to raise the price or quit later. Or to compensate for the loss, they must work faster to make it worth their while. In this industry, the cheapest companies are most often exactly that. Many such workers have little time to establish a professional relationship built on trust and great performance. Another reason they may be able to bid so low is because of their lack of insurance, the right equipment for the job, or the right licenses and permits. Or they may not pay any taxes! Hence, less expenses, less prices. Even their own employees wages may be too low.

Tip # 2

How to clean your own windows.

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