Tampa Fl

Service List

  • Chandelier Cleaning

  • Ceiling & Fan Cleaning

  • Awning Cleaning

  • Paver Sealing

  • Concrete Sealing

  • Scratched Glass Repair

  • Rust Removal

  • Hard Water Stain Removal


Tampa Cleaning Services

Looking for a company that does specialty cleaning work? Look no further. We will show up on time, perform quality work with speed and smiles and leave your windows chrystal clean and your home brighter. In addition to chandelier cleaning we also offer services such as paver sealing and awning cleaning. We are a small group of motivated people servicing the Tampa Bay Area. We offer free phone and on-site quotes. Give us a call today!

  1. Our work ethic is based on acquiring customer relationships rather than simply a customer list.
  2. We want you to love us! We want you to remember our good work and smiles!
  3. All of our window cleaners are experienced. We only bring on a new person every couple of years. It is likely you will see the same person your next cleaning, you can even request them.
  4. We take pride in the finished prodcut. Our techs want to make your house to shine. The guys who you'll have actually take pride in changing the condition of your home or business and seeing your reaction.
  5. We are always uniformed and always courteous.
  6. We arrive on time. Our schedule is not overbooked.
  7. We are very appreciative of your business and want to be flexible. We do not want you to feel nickel and dimed.
  8. We work fast because we know you are on a schedule not simply because we are. We have enough time to do it right and we make sure we do.

What Makes Us Special(ty)?

Great Question! We do the jobs that other companies either don't have the time, skills, experience or drive to do. These are services such as chandelier cleaning, glass restoration, scratch repair, graffiti removal, rust removal as well as hard to access work such as ceiling cleaning, fan cleaning and high dusting. We have done projects that scale from large high rises to small studio apartments. Please let us know if you have any questions about any of our services or would like to schedule an estimate.