Paver Sealing

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Sealing your pavers will keep them looking great for longer. We know that anything left in the Florida Sun will lose its luster, fade and soil. Sealing your pavers protects them from the elements as well as staining from cars or foot traffic. Sealing should be done immediately when the pavers are installed but but if not the benefits of paver sealing are worth doing even years later. Hiring a detail-oriented and experienced professional is key. If done improperly the sealant finish may not be even, it may become cantaminanted with dirt, dust or sand creating a haze on the surface or the joint sand may come loose allowing weeds and ant hills to appear. We are experienced and class room trained. We use a paver sealer that penetrates the paver rather than simply laminating its surface. Our process also hardens the sand in the joints making it very difficult for weeds and vegetation to grow, and well as providing stability for the pavers.


Paver Sealing Faqs

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