High Rise Window Cleaning

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Do you require a window cleaning company that is reliable, friendly, and hardworking? How about a company that works strictly according to established laws and safety regulations while using not only most efficient but the safest tools for the job? Quality work is all we offer at Sunfire Specialty Cleaning. We bid competitivly for all high rise properties in Central Florida. We do not price simply to win jobs but rather to be able to do the job you expect. Our services are designed to cover all your exterior cleaning maintenance needs. We are one-stop-shop. In addition to window cleaning our services also include pressure washing, softwashing, window caulking and restoration, roof cleaning, sign cleaning and awning cleaning.


The Difference

  • We have a company culture that is unlike any highrise outfit we know of. We keep only great workers and we are all professionals. You will see that difference immediately.

  • We are licensed and insured but have never had a single injury or insurance claim.

  • We have only experienced rope access techs trained at height and certified to do so.

  • Our rates are reasonable but realistic to support our growth without comprising quality. Therefore we will not be the fastest or cheapest bidder. Rather we can afford to give the project the time it needs.

  • We keep our clients in the loop with promp communication. This is a real issue in the industry.

  • We are courteous and respectful of your residents and staff.

  • We are always uniformed and on time.

  • Our equipment is never more than 3 years old and is examined regularly. This is a real concern as most manufacturers of high access equipment limit the use to 3 years. However most companies ignore this to save money.

  • We do not us profane language or smoke on the job. In fact none of our workers smoke at all and are not known to ever speak profanely.

  • We are not a huge company. You will see the same workers everyday who know what is expected of them.

  • We have never been fired or given bad feedback at the end of a job by a high rise client. This is not because we are perfect, it is because we will lose money before losing a client's trust that we will make it right when we see something could be better. Every customer simply wants communication and dedication.


High Rise Cleaning Faqs

Have a question about our window cleaning service? Below are some frequently asked questions. Please give us a call if you have any other questions. Thanks!

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