Hard Water Stain Removal

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Do you windows have water spots on them? Perhaps the staining has turned white and the bottom of the glass is nearly opaque. Hard water stains sometimes seem to appear overnight. However these stains accumulate in 3 stages or "3 degrees" of severity. If addressed quickly while the stains are relatively light your window may likely be in the first stage and can be restored quite easily. However if your windows are in the splash zone of your sprinkler or pool they may need a more advanced treatment. 2nd and 3rd stage hard water stains require more aggressive action to remove. Depending on the type and quality of glass we are very successful at removing these water spots to a near perfect condition.


Hard Water Faqs

Have a question about our window restoration service? Below are some frequently asked questions. Please give us a call if you have any other questions. Thanks!

Rarely. We are quite effective in removing stains from both residential and commercial glass. The cost of restoration is typically less than a tenth the cost to replace.
The chemicals we use depend on the condition and quality of the glass we are restoring. Different windows may require different solutions including acid, gel, spray or paste applications. The chemicals we use have to be strong to be effective but are not applied in a way that would cause harm to plants or surroundings. Great care is taken in protecting your property. The majority of the time we can use a solution that is safe on our hands and smells good too!
Accumulation of minerals either from sprinklers, water splashing from sinks or pools or even from rainwater bringing minerals onto the glass as it runs down a wall. The minerals get into the microscopic pitting of your glass and eventually cannot be removed without removing a thin layer of glass.
Although our service is effective more than 90% of the time there are windows that are either not worth the effort to clean or are too far gone. This is usually only true on residential glass. However if we are successful in restoring you glass this does not mean they will not accumulate stains again even with a sealer applied. If you are experiencing quick progression of water spots then the source of the staining needs to be identified and addressed. Also the windows need regular attention. Just as shower tiles needs a regular program of cleaning to avoid mildew, water spots and soap scum build up, your windows need to be cleaned regularly to remain clean and clear.
To prevent future staining of your glass you must move or re-position sprinkler heads and other sources of water that are ending up on your glass. Also since even the rain running down your exterior walls can cause minerals to end up on the glass you must also clean the glass regularly. The application of a window sealer will help dramatically as well if applied regularly after cleanings.