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Pressure Washing Faqs

Have a question about our pressure cleaning service? Below are some frequently asked questions. Please give us a call if you have any other questions. Thanks!

If your window cleaning estimate was given by an on-site estimator the price will not change unless additional services are requested. Commercial estimates are given exclusively in person.
If your estimate was received over the phone the price may change if the information you supplied the estimator was not perfectly accurate. Typically though prices over the phone are quoted a bit high to account for inaccurate window counts etc. Typically therefore if the price does change it is usually reduced.
Great question! When someone is coming out to work in your home you can expect only regular employees to visit you rather than subcontractors or day workers. The techs that you will see include Andy, Josh, Alex, Daron, Raymond, Matt or Janae. Our employee list does not change often so you are likely to see the same faces on every visit.
Usually no. This depends however on the property we are cleaning and what is being cleaned. We may need someone present to move vehicles or to provide access. Please let us know if you are unable to be present during the service.
Our workers do not expect tips but they do appreciate them. All of our workers are great and they are paid accordingly. If you are wondering if tipping is the norm the answer is, as always, up to you.

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